Top 10 High Scores (of 1195 total)
Rank Screen Name Level Score
1 Alicia 17 454900
2 Daniel 18 403600
3 Alicia 17 393900
4 Sarah W 16 393100
5 Neil iPhone 15 388200
6 Misa 16 388000
7 Alicia 18 382000
8 J 17 375900
9 J King 16 372600
10 Alicia :) 15 368400

Stopz is a simple yet fast paced and addictive game.

The objective is simple: A train of blocks will move around the outer edge of the game board. Press STOP when your blocks are over a set of fixed scoring blocks. The more blocks that overlap the higher your score. Work you way through each ring of the game board to the "bonus" zone. Once you reach this zone you will be able to advance to the next level. Miss your scoring blocks before the bonus zone and your game is over.

Sound simple enough? Well it is...but this game will suck you in very quickly as it defeats you just when you think it's easy. It's a great game to play quickly, yet also be drawn back again and again to beat your previous score.