About Mark & Lon

Mark Lindsay ... yeah, I have no bio on him yet.

Lon Varscsak has been in Information Technology for 18 years and has been writing software professionally for 15.

He got his first introduction to Objective-C in 1994 using NeXTstep and it quickly became his love (since he couldn't pick up any chicks). He later worked with OpenStep/OpenStep for Windows and WebObjects where he built a large portion of the systems at SmartHealth.

Today he's been at SmartHealth for almost 16 years and continues to lead the charge in development there while working with WebObjects 5 in Java.

Mark's experience and love for games combined with Lon's knowledge and love of Objective-C (and all things Apple) made for a great fit to quickly build some fun and addictive iPhone games.

They continue to kick around ideas for new games...but Lon's a slacker, so implementing them has been non-existent. Feel free to send cash and/or cookies to him to get him off his butt.